How to track Offline Conversions in your Google Ads Account?

How can I track the Coupon Claims (Lead Conversions) and Coupon Redemptions (Sale Conversions) achieved through Gonnado in my own Google Ads Account?

To connect your Facebook Ads account to Gonnado, proceed as follows:

1. Create Conversion Actions in Google Ads

In your Google Ads account, under Tools & Settings > Conversions > Conversion Actions, click "Add conversion action" or the "plus" and select the type "Website". We recommend the following settings for conversion actions. Create one conversion action each for leads and sales.

  Lead Conversion Sale Conversion
Conversion Name Offline Lead Conversion (Gonnado) Offline Sale Conversion (Gonnado)
Category Inquiry / Lead Purchase / Sale
Value Don't use a value Your Ø basket value
Source Website Website
Counting method Each conversion Each conversion
Conversion attribution window 30 days 30 days
Tracking period for view through conversions 1 day 1 day
Include in conversions No Yes
Attribution model Data driven (or position based) Data driven (or position based)

2. Send Conversion Event Snippets to Gonnado

Open the two conversion actions you have created for Gonnado in Google Ads and click there under Tag Setup on Insert Tag yourself. Here you will find the event snippet. You can leave the setting of the event snippet at Page load. Copy the two event snippets and send them to your Campaign Manager.

Example of Lead Conversion Event Snippet:

<!-- Event snippet for Gonnado Lead Conversions →
gtag('event', 'conversion', {'send_to': 'AW-X/X'});

Example of Sale Conversion Event Snippet:

<!-- Event snippet for Gonnado Offline Sale Conversions →
gtag('event', 'conversion', {'send_to': 'AW-Y/Y});

3. Check if the Conversions appear in Google Ads

Check in Google Ads under Tools > Conversions to see if the the conversion actions you created for Gonnado have received conversions. You can recognize this by the tracking status "Conversions are recorded". This can only be checked after the first coupons have been claimed respectively redeemed.