How to redeem Mobile Coupons with a Gift Benefit?

How does the coupon redemption work if your coupons offer a gift benefit that is activated with a PIN code.

1. Customer opens Mobile Coupon

  1. The customer opens the email or SMS containing the link to the coupon
  2. The customer clicks the link and opens the coupon in the mobile browser

2. Customer clicks Redeem Button

  1. The customer clicks on the "Redeem in Store" (or similar) button under the title
  2. The customer is asked to confirm and clicks on "Yes" to confirm the redemption

3. Sales Staff says and Customer enters PIN Code

After the customer clicked the redemption button, he is asked to enter a PIN code.
  1. The sales staff tells the PIN code to the customer, that he can find in:
    1. Coupons section of Gonnado Account
    2. Coupon Claim Notification Email
    3. Google Data Studio Lead Table
  2. The customer enters the PIN-code on the mobile coupon and confirms

4. Customer uses Gift Code

  1. The customer presents his gift card, typically in the form of a QR code, in a retail store
  2. The retail store staff scans the gift card code and accepts it as a payment method