How to redeem Mobile Coupons with a Checkout Scanner?

How can the Sales Staff redeem Mobile Coupons at the POS by scanning a Barcode or QR-Code?

If your POS system is online, consider redeeming mobile coupons with the Gonnado POS API.

Customer opens Mobile Coupon

  1. The customer opens the email or SMS containing the link to the coupon
  2. The customer clicks the link and opens the coupon in the mobile browser

Customer clicks Redeem Button

  1. The customer clicks on the "Redeem in Store" (or similar) button under the title
  2. The customer is asked to confirm and clicks on "Yes" to confirm the redemption

Optional: Learn how you can require a PIN-code for the coupon redemption here.

Sales Staff scans the coupon code

  1. The sales staff grants the discount to the customer by scanning the barcode or QR code
    1. Scan from the mobile coupon if possible
    2. Scan from a print out behind the checkout alternatively