How to provide Online Coupon Codes?

When using Online Coupons of Gonnado, what kind of Coupon Codes do I need to provide?

Amount of Codes

Decide, if you want to use many coupon codes (every user gets another, unique coupon code) or one coupon code (every user gets the same coupon code). Gonnado recommends using many unique coupon codes to achieve the highest tracking accuracy.

List of Codes

When using many coupon codes, the minimum amount of required codes is equal to the target amount of leads of the promotion. Save all codes in a CSV file (add a code on each row of the first column) and send the CSV file(s) to your Campaign Manager.

Code Formats

Online coupon codes consist of an array of characters that users can type on a keyboard. Gonnado can handle all kinds of character codes. Your format will vary dependent on the online shop system that you are using.

Validity of Codes

Make sure that the coupon codes are working in your online shop system. Gonnado recommends setting the validity date of the coupons on the day of creation from today to in ten years. If you need to restrict the validity period shorter, make sure that it lasts at least a month longer than your promotion with Gonnado and inform your Campaign Manager about the validity period.