How to integrate the Gonnado Pixel?

How do I add the Gonnado Pixel to my Website and what should be considered about the Integration?

Adding the Pixel

Insert your Gonnado Pixel code in the <head> area of your website so that it is loaded on every URL of your site. You can add the code manually to the template or you can use a tool such as the Google Tag Manager.

An Example of the Pixel

The Gonnado pixel looks like this (this code does not work, use the pixel from your account only):

<!-- Gonnado Pixel -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="" async></script>

Find your Gonnado Pixel in your Gonnado Account in the section "Gonnado Pixel" or in your Jour Fixe Document in the tab "Integrations".

Test if the Pixel works

After adding the pixel, please notify your Campaign Manager, so that he can test if the pixel works as intended.