How to integrate the Conversion Pixel?

How do I integrate Gonnado's Conversion Pixel on my Website and what should I consider when doing it?

When do I use the Conversion Pixel?

The Conversion Pixel is used to track online sale conversions (e.g. a purchase in your online shop) or online lead conversions (e.g. a submission of your contact form). If your promotion only aims to generate offline sales and you don't wish to track online conversions then you don't need the conversion pixel.

How to add the Pixel Code to my Website?

Insert your conversion pixel code in the <head> area of the checkout page (e.g. "").

You can find your conversion pixel in your Gonnado Account under "Gonnado Pixel" or in your Jour Fixe Document in the "Integrations" tab.

Example of the Conversion Pixel

The conversion pixel looks like this (this example code is not working, only use the code from your own Gonnado Account):

<!-- Gonnado Conversion Pixel -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="[VALUE]&code=[CODE]&email=[EMAIL]&phone=[PHONE]" async></script>

How to set the Parameters in the Conversion Pixel?

Use as many of the parameters below to achieve best results (insert directly into HTML or by Google Tag Manager).

Name Placeholder Example Description
action sale sale This will track a sale. To track a lead, pass instead of "sale" the value "lead".
value [VALUE] 60.00 Add the basket value of the sale with a dot and two decimal places.
code [CODE] PROMO-CODE-123 Add the applied coupon code, if a coupon was redeemed for this sale.
email [EMAIL] Add the email address of the user.
phone [PHONE] 0041791112233 Add the mobile phone number of the user.