How to connect your Facebook Page?

How can I connect my Facebook Page to Gonnado and why and how should I do this?

Why should you connect your Facebook Page

If you would like to run your Gonnado Promotion on Facebook Ads, you need a Facebook Page to do so. As the Facebook Page is the identity of your business, it's recommended to use your official Facebook Page.

How to connect your Facebook Page

Your Campaign Manager will send a request to your Facebook Page. Please approve the request in the area "roles for your site" in the settings of your Facebook Page. The request is on the administrator level, this is necessary to advertise to page likes as well as to catch leads from the Facebook Lead Ads API.

If you don't have a Facebook Page available

If you can't connect a Facebook Page, you can ask your Campaign Manager to create a new Facebook Page for your promotion instead.

How to disconnect your Facebook Page

In the same place where you accept the request of Gonnado, you can also revoke the connection with Gonnado at any time.