What are the Benefits of Gonnado's Website Layers?

How can I generate more Leads and Sales on my Website, by using Gonnado's Website Layers?

More Leads

Gonnado's Website Layers enable you to raise your conversion rate and generate more leads on your website.

  • Get in front of the eyes and activate visitors
  • Give an additional incentive with a digital coupon
  • Offer good usability to fill in your lead forms

More Sales

Gonnado's Digital Coupons enable you to generate more turnover from your website visitors in your retail stores and online shop.

  • Coupons raise the conversion rate and generate more sales
  • Coupons raise the basket value and generate more turnover
  • Coupons enable conversion tracking to reduce your CPS

Save Time

Gonnado's Website Layers are easy to use, and you don't need to invest the time, to set up everything by yourself.

  • All the tools are in place to start your promotion at any time
  • A Campaign Manager provides full service in all hands-on tasks
  • Gonnado provides integrations to export data to your systems


Gonnado's Website Layers can be used on a pure performance base with a Cost per Lead (CPL) or a Cost per Sale (CPS) pricing.

  • Normally Website Layers are charged by CPL
  • Qualified partners can choose to charge by CPS
  • The price varies by industry and size of your business