How to generate Leads with printed Flyers and Landing Pages?

How can use printed Flyers, to direct people to Landing Pages, where they can claim a Digital Coupon as a Reward, for signing up for your Direct Marketing?

Flyer Design, Production, Distribution

Design your flyers or let them design by Gonnado. Print and distribute the flyers.

  • Give flyers in the shopping bags to your retail customers
  • Give flyers in the packages sent to your e-commerce customers
  • Send flyers with your direct mailings or print ads

QR Code Scanning

Customers scan the QR Code on a Flyer

QR Codes can be scanned with the mobile photo camera app or with a QR reader app. They contain a link to the landing page.

How to generate the QR Codes?

Gonnado provides you the links for the QR codes. Usually, the graphic designer generates the QR codes from the links, or Gonnado can generate them for you.

How many different QR Codes are used?

It is enough, to use only one QR code per offer. However, if you wish to track different distribution channels or design variants, Gonnado can provide many QR code links. 

How to handle different Languages?

You can set a static language for each QR code and landing page, or you can detect the language from the user device and direct the user to the corresponding language version (more).

Lead Form Completion

Customers claim the Coupon on the Landing Pag

On the landing page is a form to register for your direct marketing and to claim a digital coupon at the same time as an incentive.

How to customize the Landing Page Design?

You can choose the image that is displayed on top of the page, that uses a 21:9 format. Further, you can choose the font and button colors in the Gonnado Account.

How to customize the Lead Form Fields?

You can choose the fields to ask for contact data about the customer in the Gonnado Account. The checkboxes to give consent for marketing and privacy are required.

How to further process the Leads generated?

Gonnado sends the leads generated either into by API into your CRM, or you can choose to receive the leads by email, spreadsheet, or phone.