How to generate more Leads with Programmatic Advertising?

How can I generate more Leads in my Retail Stores by using Gonnado's Programmatic Advertising Platform?

Gonnado's platform enables you to easily create complex Google and Facebook campaigns, register leads online, and track the resulting sales online and offline. This includes:

  • Creation and optimization of 100+ Google and Facebook Campaigns per Promotion.
  • Acquisition of leads through Google Lead Ads and Facebook Lead Ads via API integration.
  • Website layers with a lead form are shown on the landing page of advertisements.
  • Tracking and optimization, which clicks lead to which sales in your retail stores.


  • Gonnado places ads in the advertising networks of Google Ads (Google, Youtube, Gmail, + 2 million websites and apps) and Facebook Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, + thousand apps).
  • Customers fill out the lead form either in the lead ad of Google Ads and Facebook Ads or in the layer that is displayed on the linked landing page. The system checks whether this e-mail address is already registered or not.
  • The customers receive a coupon by e-mail, which they can redeem online or offline.
  • Partners receive the lead data directly transferred to the CRM.


  • Gonnado programmatically runs campaigns with hundreds of campaigns for all relevant advertising forms such as Search Ads, Banner Ads, Social Ads, Lead Ads. The automation of Gonnado saves a lot of time and increases the quality of the campaigns.
  • The coupon serves as an incentive and increases the number of people interested in signing up for the loyalty card. In addition, the advertising costs are significantly reduced.
  • Different ads, advertising formats, networks and placements are compared in order to track and optimize them and increase the conversion rate.
  • Cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale (including offline) are measured, optimized and reduced.


  • Ads
    • Automated campaign setup and network-wide dashboard.
    • Online and offline conversion tracking to measure the omnichannel ROI.
    • Optimization of bids and budgets across networks and campaigns.
    • Connection of lead ads via API for real-time lead data transfer including checking of already registered customers via API and e-mail notification.
    • Connection to On-Site Layer to increase the conversion rate on the landing page.
    • Exclusion of existing customer profiles or target groups from the campaigns.
    • Sending coupons and tracking of lead conversions in Google/Facebook/Criteo.
    • Sending of coupons via e-mail / SMS (incl. double opt-in).
  • Layer
    • Fading in of entry layers on the online store for visitors through ads.
    • Lead form including verification of already registered customers via API.
    • Sending coupons and tracking of lead conversions in Google/Facebook/Criteo.
    • Sending of coupons via e-mail / SMS (incl. double opt-in).
  • Mobile Coupons
    • Individual coupon codes for accurate tracking both online and offline.
    • Reporting of sale conversions in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Criteo Ads (including target group formation and lookalike/similar target groups).