How can I define, where, when, and to whom Website Layers appear?

How can I define, what triggers Website Layers to open, where on my site that they appear, and which users should be targeted or excluded?


When a trigger occurs, Website Layers appear as an overlay on your website. There are two triggers:

Page Entry
  • Directly after the website is loaded.
  • With a defined time delay after the website is loaded.

Page Scrolling

  • When the user has scrolled down on the site for a defined percentage.

Exit Intent

  • When users navigate with the mouse cursor over the top of the page, to leave the page.
  • When users scroll down on mobile more than 50% and then scroll up again to leave the page.


With placements, you can define, on what URLs of your website, Website Layers should show or not show.

Placement Examples

  • User is viewing your homepage
  • User is viewing a product category
  • User is viewing a product page
  • User is in the checkout process


The targeting with cookies enables you, to define criteria based on the user's surfing history as well as demographic data.

Examples by Behavior
  • User did not make a purchase in the last 90 days
  • User redeemed a coupon in the past

Demographic criteria

  • User location
  • User language



        The placements and targeting can also be excluded, to prevent users from seeing the Website Layers. For example, you can not show the layer when:

        • User has seen the layer already in the last 7 days
        • User made a purchase in the last 24 hours
        • User has already signed up for your newsletter or loyalty card